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work-life balance for publicists

Work-Life Balance with Publicist, Sabrina Dax

We are chatting all things work-life balance with Publicist, Sabrina Dax including client strategy, cheese pairings, and Samantha Jones! Sabrina develops and leads publicity campaigns for established and upcoming artists, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, filmmakers, academics, and more. Today we get a peek into a day in the life, plus all the ways she supports a healthy lifestyle.

What do your responsibilities look like as a Publicist?

I run publicity campaigns for my clients from start to finish. I develop press materials, conduct in-depth research, pitch reporters, prepare media lists, schedule interviews, plan events, and oversee the image of my clients.

What do you love most about your job? 

I’m a people person, so I revel in interacting with my clients face-to-face, connecting them with the media, and building relationships with reporters. I enjoy the strategy and complexity involved in figuring out how to best showcase my clients. 

Also, the event planning because it’s a rush to see how everything and everyone comes together in the end. I like finding and selecting media outlets that are right for my clients. I love the element of surprise in terms of what kind of coverage I get. No two campaigns are ever the same and the variety keeps me stimulated.

How did you get your first career break? 

The biggest break of my career was running hip hop band De La Soul’s Kickstarter campaign. We raised over $600,000 in 33 days. I had previously worked on TLC’s Kickstarter campaign and De La Soul wanted to do something similar.

work-life balance with publicist, sabrina dax

Favorite activities to support your health: 

Long walks, yoga, and dancing keep me grounded. I play tennis and it was my salvation during Covid. I love that it’s both a physical and a mental workout.

Favorite healthy snack:

Cheese paired with fruit. I like trying out different combinations: blue cheese and pear, cheddar and apple, brie, and grapes. I also love hazelnuts.

Easy go-to meal: 

Scrambled eggs. I’ll prepare them several different ways, sometimes with spinach, feta, or pesto, and serve them with avocado and a slice of lime. Eggs are so versatile and easy that they make for a satisfying and quick meal.

Beauty product you cannot live without:

Rose water. I’ll add a few drops to a ball of cotton and use it as a cleanser.

Favorite alternative health treatment:

Hot stone massages

A book that has had the biggest impact on your life:

The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham. Larry, the main character, must choose between two paths – one where he becomes a stockbroker and the other where he foregoes a life of wealth and security. The story is an important reminder that the safest choice isn’t always the most rewarding.

Favorite vacation spot:

Turks and Caicos because of the pristine, turquoise beaches. I visited once and would go back in a heartbeat.

Who inspires you:

I’m inspired by authors who are capable of creating fictional characters rich and deep enough to strike a chord in others.  Alcott gave us Jo March, Austen introduced us to Emma Woodhouse. TV writer Darren Star gave me a professional role model, Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones – a fierce publicist who defies convention and lives according to her own rules.

work-life balance with publicist, sabrina dax

Thank you to Sabrina for sharing what work-life balance looks like for her. For more on Sabrina, connect below:

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  1. This interview is so refreshing and entertaining, I loved it!!! Especially the story of how Sabrina ended up in her new role as a publicist and meeting her new boss at her friend’s weeding.