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Why the Great Resignation Is a Good Thing

“The Great Resignation” is disrupting the work industry in a BIG way but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This feels like the start of much needed positive change in America’s work-first culture. People are burned out, exhausted, and are finally protesting unhealthy working conditions. There are three major positive changes I am predicting will happen. 

One: If enough people join the movement, it will force companies to make changes to their flexibility and work cultures. If they don’t, they will risk not having enough people to keep their businesses moving forward.

Remote options in particular could lessen daily stress and create more downtime for everyone, especially for working mothers and families. The burden on working mothers today is HARD. Wasting precious time commuting, having to pump in an office, or just being hours away in case of an emergency. Oh, let’s not forget that babies don’t sleep through the night until at least 6-9 months, so extra time at home could allow for a little less sleep deprivation.

Remote work would also allow partners to be home more to help share the childcare load. This change alone could help level the playing field a little so women don’t have to choose between having a career and children.

The Great Resignation, will also force companies to create positive company cultures to attract top talent. This includes taking a hard look at poor managers, paying people fairly, and stop expecting people to take 7pm conference calls or constantly work after hours. 

Secondly, I think this movement is going to encourage people to try entrepreneurship and pursue other avenues of work. Those who are resigning are not eager to get back into an environment that took a major toll on their mental and physical health — hence why many jobs are going unfilled. It will be a time of innovation!

Thirdly, American’s might actually start to prioritize their health over work for the first time. People have hit a rock bottom with the expectations of today. Juggling your health with a desk job, and family life is exhausting. It’s going to force people to think hard about the changes they need to make to support a more sustainable lifestyle. 

While these have been taxing times, I think the changes that are coming out of it are long overdue. It’s time to move away from the grind and more into a work-life harmony. One that doesn’t require you to give up your well-being to survive and pay your rent or mortgage. 


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