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why I don't meal prep

Why I Don’t Meal Prep

I will be real frank here. I cringe when I hear the words meal prep. To be honest, the word alone sounds like another chore that frankly I don’t want to do. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen on Sunday thinking about food for the workweek?

Not me. Sunday is for relaxation, not chores.

Secondly, the food sounds boring. I don’t want to eat the same depressing meal every day for 5 days. When I think about meal prepped food it conjures up thoughts of sad salads and tasteless veggies in mini containers. Food is a big part of enjoying life! It doesn’t have to be another task to check off your list. 

But what does a busy lady do instead of meal prepping? How does one eat healthy and delicious meals when they don’t have time?

Plan Instead of Prep

I’m not saying ditch your “prepping” altogether but I prefer to plan for a few meals I’m excited to eat. Foods that are nourishing, palette-pleasing and bring me some level of enjoyment.

On Sunday, instead of “prepping” I’ll spend time in the kitchen making a delicious dinner. I’ll always make extra to have for the next day but that’s the extent of my Sunday meal prep. I usually leave more complicated meals to make for Sunday’s when I have more time.

During the week, I make simple but different meals each night. I like to change up the spices and flavors of the foods I eat to keep it interesting. And again, I will be sure to leave a little extra for lunch the next day.

Simple Meal Ideas

For example, I might make chicken soup one week, roasted chicken with lemon and herbs the next, and chicken tacos the following week. I keep a lot of herbs and spices stashed in my cabinets at all times.

I love making a crockpot or a one-pot meal. The flavors are delicious and they are minimal work and cleanup. They are also super easy to turn into lunch the next day.

Some of my favorite one-pot winter dishes right now are: 

  • Chili (turkey or beef) 
  • Stew
  • Soups 

For those who need a little extra help

If you are reading this and think that it’s still too much work to cook a few meals each week. Then you can alternatively look into healthy meal delivery services. It’s possible to have healthy, cooked meals delivered to you until you have more balance.

Also if you are struggling to create balance in your life, take a look at the Burnout Rescue Kit.

Overall, meal prep takes the joy out of something that should be enjoyable! Instead of spending precious weekend time making repetitive and boring meals, plan on a few dishes throughout the week that bring you happiness. And be sure to make extra for the following day so you never have to hate your work lunch again.