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Tiny Health Gut Test Review (+ $20 discount)

Tiny Health Gut Test Review (+ $20 off)

I am beyond excited to share my Tiny Health Gut Test Review! This test is truly a game changer. My son Cole developed so many health issues around 3 months old. He was a bit colic, had constant gas issues, and then began developing terrible eczema. The eczema continued to get worse and worse. It was oozing, and then he later developed a staph infection from constantly scratching it. It was horrible to watch him suffer. My anxiety was at an all time high. I brought him to doctors that had no advice except to put him on formula. From there they wanted me to send him to “specialists.”

The thing is, I didn’t want to load him up on steroids, and antibiotics. I wanted to get to the root cause of his health issues. This is when I started taking matters into my own hands.

I had already started him on probiotics in an attempt to help his digestive problems. From there, I started to research natural ways to heal eczema. This is when I stumbled across the Tiny Health Baby Microbiome Tests. The advertisement said something along the lines of, “Don’t take colic, gas, or eczema into the new year.” My son had all three so I clicked and did more research.

What is Tiny Health?

Tiny Health is an at-home gut health test for babies and toddlers. They’ve. recently launched gut health assessment kits for the whole family. It is a convenient way to detect any microbiome imbalances so you can correct them early on.

Tiny Health Gut Type Details

How does the Tiny Health Microbiome Test work?

I loved how simple this process was. First, you have to register your sample and answer a few questions which took about 15 minutes. Then you take the culture test and do a small swab of your child’s soiled diaper, secure the tube, and send it back for analysis. That’s all there is to it.

The only downside is that it can take 3-4 weeks before you receive the results. This can feel like a lifetime when you have a child that is suffering. However, it’s still worth it. If I knew what I know now, I would have done the test in his infancy as a preventative approach.

What does the report provide?

The report is detailed! First, I learned that my son’s little microbiome consisted of 70% unfriendly bacteria! This was the first explanation as to why he was constantly in pain.

Secondly, there is an “action plan” section where they list the high-priority items to tackle first. For example: one of the highest priority items for my son was: “use an evidence-based Bifidobacterium probiotic. When I clicked on this action item it brought me to a list of recommendations.

For each action item, the report provides instructions. For the probiotic, it recommended how to ramp up and suggested a timeline for how long he should take the product.

There is also an option to connect with a professional to review your results.

Tiny Health Baby Gut Test Results

Do Tiny Health Suggestions Work?

I can honestly say that within a few days of implementing some of the Tiny Health suggestions we started to ease Cole’s ailments. The probiotic strains helped his digestion, and the skincare recommendations were a huge help in managing his discomfort while on this healing journey. Each week we are starting to see more and more improvements. I finally feel like we are on the right track to restoring his health.

How much does the Tiny Health gut kit cost?

I did the single test kit which costs $199. It might seem pricey but it will likely save you multiple trips to doctors, and specialists. For $20 off, use discount code: shetakesfive at checkout!

Final Thoughts: Tiny Health Gut Test Review

Here is my tiny health gut test review. Honestly, I couldn’t love a product more. While I know there is a place for traditional doctor’s offices, I don’t find them particularly helpful in solving chronic health issues. Instead, you are directed to 4 different doctors and hope someone can help you piece it all together.

This test made getting to the root cause of my son’s health issues less stressful and more informative. I never would have imagined his microbiome being so imbalanced. Especially, since he was born naturally, and was 100% breastfed. How could his gut possibly be so destroyed? I was able to take quick action to improve his well-being.

If you’re struggling even a little bit with your baby’s health, do yourself a favor and get the test done ASAP!

Tiny Health Discount Code

Ready to get your baby’s health on track? Use discount code “shetakesfive” for $20 off.

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