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These Products Helped Ease My Mild COVID Symptoms

Well, I’m happy to report I survived COVID. While there is no quick fix, I did find a few products that helped ease my mild COVID symptoms. It was disappointing to see how little information was out there to support the healing process. Hence, this post.

My COVID Symptoms

I have to admit, it was way worse than I expected with intense symptoms and a very slow recovery. It started out with the slightest cough in the morning and by the afternoon I had full-blown flu-like symptoms with a fever and body aches. My fever lasted about 2 days.

Then it progressed into congestion, a brutal dry cough, headaches, and intermittent fatigue. My cough left me breathless and unable to stand without coughing. I spent approximately 4 days straight on the couch with an elevated pillow to avoid coughing fits.

The cough eventually eased up and I was left with congestion, loss of taste and smell (this has somewhat returned by not 100% normal yet), and a lighter cough. It took a total of 14 days before I felt normal again.

How I Eased My COVID Symptoms

Before you go any further, let me add a little disclaimer here. None of this should be interpreted as medical advice. My experience is likely different than someone else’s and nothing listed below is a cure. Only products that I found helpful in easing my symptoms.

Now for the helpful stuff. I relied heavily on each of these items to get me through my two-week healing journey.

Bone Broth

I drank bone broth every morning when I woke up. I found it incredibly soothing especially because my cough was very bad in the morning. It was also nice to sip on comforting warm liquids. I ordered Bonafide bone broth from Whole Foods for delivery. It comes frozen and can be defrosted in the fridge.

I also ate lots of chicken soup (using chicken on the bone).


My husband went out and bought me a humidifier for my congestion and dry cough. I do think the humidifier combined with sleeping elevated helped me to sleep well.

Cough Drops

Stocked up on all kinds of cough drops. I like either the Manuka Honey Drops or Ricola Swiss Cough Drops.

Migraine Ice Pack

I used this ice pack for headaches. Don’t ask me why but I also felt compelled to lay an ice pack on my chest during my intense coughing fits. Not sure if there is any medical evidence for this, or if it was just soothing, but it did help me to calm down my aggressive coughing fits.

Beta Glucan

I took Beta Glucan directed by my holistic doctor to boost my immune system throughout COVID. Still continuing to take it now. Beta Glucan has many benefits which can include increasing pathogen fighting immune cells. I still had pretty bad symptoms even while taking this but I wasn’t hospitalized and was able to stay home throughout recovery.

Hopefully, these suggestions help anyone at home dealing with mild COVID symptoms. While none of these is a cure, I did find them helpful in easing the sometimes brutal symptoms I experienced.

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  1. Jenn,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Covid-19. As I read your blog, it makes me infinitely happy and at peace knowing that you are on special healing path to living your best life and full recovery.

    Thank you for sharing your secrets and tips, thank you for sharing your path and thank you for creating such an incredible space for everyone.