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the best nursing bra for sleep

The Best Nursing Bra for Sleep 

Are you looking for the best nursing bra for sleep? Something that provides some support but doesn’t feel restrictive? If so, then check out Bodily. I’ve tried several nursing bras, including Hofish and Kindred Bravely. None of them compare to these for sleeping. 

As I was preparing for my second child, I wanted to invest in comfortable postpartum clothing. Those first few weeks are hard as you try to recover while taking care of a newborn. To make the experience more enjoyable, I stocked up on a few essentials to enhance my comfort. 

With my first child, I remember how uncomfortable it was to sleep wearing a nursing bra. I hated wearing one. It can also be equally uncomfortable not to wear one. I did some research to see what else was out there. My goal was to find a nursing bra with light support. 

That’s when I came across “The Everything Bra” by Bodily – a company that creates products to support pregnancy and postpartum. I could tell by the picture it was going to provide less support but increased comfort. That’s exactly what I needed. 

The Bodily Everything Bra 

The Bodily Everything Bra is my go-to for sleep. I’m obsessed with it for a few reasons: 


The fabric is buttery soft, stretchy, and breathable. The straps are thin and comfortable. It doesn’t have the same restrictive feeling as other nursing bras. There is no annoying padding to deal with. They provide the perfect light support for sleeping. 

Easy to Wash

They are machine washable. It’s advised to line dry but I’ve put them in my dryer on low and they have maintained their durability. 

Adjustable Straps 

Our bodies change so much throughout those first few months. The Bodily Everything Bra has 5 rows of clasps on the back and slidable straps to adjust your size as needed.

Non-Toxic Fabrics

The materials include OEKO-TEX 49% Viscose; 43% Micromodal; and 8% Elastane. OEKO-TEX tests products for the presence of harmful substances. According to the OEKO-TEX website: “Every item bearing the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 label is certified as having passed safety tests for the presence of harmful substances.” 

How much does The Everything Bra by Bodily cost? 

The single bra is $48 and the 3-pack is $130. I bought the 3-pack and I’m about to buy another so I don’t have to do my laundry as often. I will not sleep in anything else. 

Final Thoughts: The Best Nursing Bra for Sleep

The Everything Bra by Bodily is the best nursing bra for sleep. It’s comfortable, simple to use, and easy to clean. It provides just enough support for sleeping without feeling restricted. I look forward to changing into them before bed.

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