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spring decluttering made easy

Spring Decluttering Made Easy

Are you itching to do a major spring decluttering but don’t know where to start? I found myself in desperate need of a spring cleaning. Honestly, I don’t understand how I managed to collect so much stuff because I’m not a shopaholic or a saver. I throw things out regularly. Before Christmas, I went through all of my kid’s toys and tossed 40% of them. Even with these continuous efforts, things get disorganized. 

Lately, the clutter has been driving me crazy. Every time I opened a cabinet, things were falling out. My closet was filled to the brim with clothes I never wore. It was a challenge to find what I needed but also to make space for anything new. 

I knew I needed to start overhauling but I didn’t have a whole day to dedicate to cleaning. This was causing me to procrastinate. One day last week, I was fed up with my closet and this was the beginning of my spring decluttering project. 

Cleaning out one small space made me feel so good that I was motivated to keep going. Every few days, I think about what closet, kitchen cabinet, or drawer is causing my anxiety. Then I get to work. Maybe my life is boring but it was liberating to take control of the crap. 

It’s breathing new life into my home. I open a newly cleaned space and feel at peace. If you’re ready to unleash the Monica Geller in you, here are a few spaces to consider and tips to make spring decluttering easy instead of an overwhelming chore. 

Get ready to soak up the mental health benefits of spring cleaning!

What to declutter for spring: 


With the change of seasons, it’s always a good idea to reorganize your closet. Even if you don’t need to toss much, it’s helpful to shift your seasonally appropriate clothes front and center.

Every time I opened my closet I was greeted with old clothes that I hadn’t worn in years. Pieces that were off-season. Maternity items that I no longer needed. Every morning I would open my closet and feel like I had nothing to wear. Maybe you can relate? 

Instead of digging out what I did like, I turned to online shopping. What I needed to do was take inventory of what I had first before buying more stuff. 

One day last week, I was fed up staring at a bunch of clothes I no longer wanted and began removing items. It took all of 20 minutes to make a pile of clothes to donate. Not surprising, but when I removed all of the clutter and reorganized for the season, I found pieces I forgot I had.

Now when I open my closet, I am greeted with clothes I still like. It’s also allowed me to figure out what I need to replace, or items that I could use more of. 

This didn’t take nearly as long as I thought and motivated me to continue decluttering other spaces. 


On to the kitchen! Now the kitchen is a massive space to clean up so I started with one cabinet. There was one cabinet in particular that seemed to be a catch-all for random stuff including dog treats, Halloween candy, random (expired) baking ingredients, and smoothie powders. 

All I had to do was throw stuff away, and reorganize the shelves so they made more sense. This one small cleaning project has transformed this overstuffed cabinet into one filled with space. It’s amazing how a little decluttering can bring you from chaos to calm. 

Now there are other drawers and cabinets to clean out but this is spring decluttering made easy so I am tackling them one day at a time.


The bathroom was another room that was high on the list of anxiety-inducing spaces. The linen closet and drawers needed a major overhaul. I’m not sure why I was holding on to the box my curling iron came in or lipsticks from 5 years ago but I made the executive decision to toss it all. 

This was another simple project that only required putting old items in the trash to make more space for the things I use. Still making my way through the entire bathroom. Next up is under the sink! 

Tips For Spring Cleaning 

Start Small 

Start small to get the ball rolling. Choose an easy, less time-consuming project first—something like a cabinet or a drawer. From there, you can move on to bigger projects like a closet or a basement. It’s challenging to get the job done when we start to bite off more than we can chew. 

Spread Out Your Projects

There is no need to spring declutter your entire house in one day. Create little projects and spread them out over time. Even if you did one space a week, you’re still making progress! Little by little your home will feel more spacious and organized. 

Have a Donation Bag and a Garbage Bag 

For bigger spring decluttering projects, be sure to have a bag for donations and a bag for trash. Otherwise, you will end up with a bigger mess than where you started. Having an action plan for the items you want to remove is the way to go. 

Before you start working on a donation bag, it’s a good idea to locate where you can donate your gently worn items so they don’t sit in your closet forever (something I’m guilty of doing in the past). As soon as you’re done, move the donation bags somewhere you can see them so you don’t forget them.

Dedicated Spaces

I’m trying to be better at creating dedicated spaces for certain items like wrapping paper. Wrapping paper and gift bags always end up in every closet of my house. Having dedicated spaces is something I learned from Marie Kondo’s method and I find it very helpful. Also, saves me money because I can never find the wrapping paper when I need it and end up buying more. 

Results: Spring Decluttering Made Easy

The results of my spring decluttering project? I can finally see my wardrobe. There is space for new (intentional) items. Things stopped falling out of my cabinets. It’s saving me money because having clean spaces has made me think twice about buying more things that I don’t need. 

Overall, I feel calmer and happier. It’s amazing how something as simple as organizing our environment can improve our well-being. It’s still a work in progress but that’s why it’s called spring decluttering made easy. 

Go at your own pace, one drawer, cabinet, and closet at a time.

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