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Relieve Tension, Soothe Skin and Improve Your Glow With a Jade Roller by Jen Swiss

Relieve Tension, Soothe Skin and Improve Your Glow With a Jade Roller

Is this real life? Can a jade roller really relieve stress, soothe my skin and kick-up my glow all with a few strokes? I was skeptical of this new trend but I’m always down for a little exploration. Especially when it comes to natural approaches to support my health and beauty routines. Luckily, I was gifted one for Christmas (thanks, Mom & Dad) so I could give it a whirl. Let’s dig into some of the benefits of jade rolling. 

Relieve Tension

We store a lot of tension in our faces, sometimes without realizing it. I often notice tension and tightness around my jaw area. Jade rollers can relieve tension and lower stress levels through the ritual of massage. Roll it back and forth around your jawline, working your way up to other parts of your face. I find the massage to be relaxing and love using it to break up the tight areas. 

Soothe Skin

It is said that Jade rolling can de-puff and soothe skin inflammation. It does this through the combination of massage and the cool temperatures of the stone. Put in your freezer to kick it up a notch. Massaging your face with a jade roller supports lymphatic drainage by flushing toxins collected my your lymph nodes. I’ve used it recently on a day when my face was extra puffy, inflamed and dry. My face did look significantly less puffy after use. 

Improve Your Glow 

Jade rollers can increase the effectiveness of your serums by helping those pricy products get to where they need to go. You can do this by gently rolling in an upward motion. Some of my recent favorite non-toxic serums are Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum and Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum.

Overall, I found using a jade roller to have many benefits aside from looking pretty in my bathroom cabinet. It helps me to relieve tension and prep my skin before I start my day. I noticed my makeup application looks better after use. I prefer to start my day with it but it does take a few minutes to get the full benefits. If you are pressed for time, leave this ritual for the evening or weekends. It’s perfect for Sunday self-care or days when you need a little extra boost.