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  • Balance
  • Dec 3, 2020
  • by Jen De Simone Swiss

Take Five with Sabrina Dax, Publicist

Welcome to the Take Five Interview Series! Here career women share their wisdom, tips, and resources for supporting a healthy lifestyle while balancing their work. We get the inside scoop on how they landed their coveted positions, plus their favorite things...
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Take Five with Elaine Rau, CEO of Lady Boss Blogger

Today we Take Five with, Elaine Rau, CEO, and Founder of the popular blog, Lady Boss Blogger. Elaine went from National Wedding Sales Manager for a global corporation to a full-time blogger. She now speaks at conferences and has been...

How to Enjoy the Work Week

Recently, I was frustrated with myself for wishing away Monday through Friday. Even if you love your job as much as Emily from the Devil Wears Prada there are certainly going to be days where you wish you didn’t have...

4 Days in Maine

We ended the summer with 4 days in Maine to recharge and unplug. Since, COVID, I hadn’t taken a real vacation and I was desperately in need of rest and a change of scenery. We chose Portland, Maine because we...