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  • Wellness
  • Mar 4, 2021
  • by Jen De Simone Swiss

Recharge with a 3-Day Social Media Detox

Do you ever feel guilty about the amount of time wasted scrolling through social feeds each week? I know that I certainly do. That’s why I’ve committed to taking a break every once in a while with a 3-day social...
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How to Plan a Restorative Staycation

The pandemic dilemma: do I use my vacation days or wait? When I need a serious break I plan a restorative staycation. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be someplace entirely new, like lounging on a boat in the...

Girl’s Getaway to Croatia, the Ultimate Travel Guide

Skip the crowded spots on the Mediterranean for a girl’s getaway to Croatia — an underrated Adriatic gem. Clear blue beaches, dreamy islands, and relics of history span the entire Dalmatian Coast. It’s a great destination to accommodate your group’s...

Simple Luxuries I’m Enjoying Right Now

The long-term quarantine has me finding joy in the simple luxuries. I am writing this post from my couch (where else would I be in 2020)  wearing a face mask, favorite slippers, and yoga pants. This is the closest thing...