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Cabana Cultures, Coconut Water Kefir is Here!

Our Coconut Water Kefir: Cabana Cultures (+ 15% discount)

My family and I have been drinking coconut water kefir for a few years. It is a probiotic beverage that we look forward to each day. At the time, there were limited dairy-free/vegan kefir options, so we started brewing our own. In 2021, my husband and I decided to share our coconut water kefir recipe with the world. Hundreds of batches, and recipe tweaks later, Cabana Cultures was born.

Our Cabana Cultures Story

Over a decade ago, I had Lyme disease and took years of antibiotics which left my gut in shambles. I began researching more natural ways to increase gut diversity. That’s when I stumbled across, kefir. The only problem was that most of the kefir on the market was dairy-based and I am dairy-free. From there, I ordered kefir grains to brew my own.

Fast forward a few years, and Ben decided to go on a health journey to drop a few pounds and lower his blood pressure. Kefir became part of his daily routine along with other lifestyle changes. Shortly after drinking, he started experiencing the benefits as well.

We both enjoyed it so much, we started a small operation to share our recipe with others. In our house, coconut water kefir became a delicious and easy way to consume our probiotics. It fits easily into our sometimes chaotic days as two working parents with two kids under three. Oh, and our dog, Winston.

I always keep them at my desk during the workday as a nice treat. They also make for a good mocktail or workout recovery drink.

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a probiotic beverage that is made using a kefir grain. Similar to a kombucha scoby, the grain is simply a culture of bacteria and yeast used in the fermentation process. Water kefir grains look like tiny crystals. They are combined with sugar and water (in our case coconut water) for 24-48 hours. The final product is a probiotic-enhanced beverage.

Cabana Cultures Coconut Water Kefir Benefits

We wanted to create a beverage we could feel good about drinking every day. Cabana Cultures probiotic beverages are vegan, packed with probiotics and electrolytes, and made with clean ingredients. We don’t use artificial flavorings or preservatives. Lastly, we don’t add any carbonation like some leading brands do. Our goal is to use high-quality ingredients with minimal processing.

Probiotic Power

Our beverages have 10 billion CFUs per bottle! Probiotics can help to support a healthy gut and immune system. This is a tasty way to support your gut diversity.

Natural Electrolytes

We use coconut water as the base for all of our flavors. Coconut water is naturally loaded with electrolytes to refuel your body.


Our products are vegan and dairy-free making them a great alternative for anyone avoiding animal products for ethical reasons or sensitivities.

Clean Ingredients

Our plant-based coconut water kefirs are flavored using juice extracts and botanicals. They are also 99% fermented coconut water. We have three flavors: hibiscus, coco-lime, and lemon ginger.

Where to buy Cabana Cultures Coconut Water Kefir?

Our products are currently available online nationwide. You can purchase Cabana Cultures through our website: We are also conveniently available on Amazon.

Cabana Cultures 15% Off Discount Code

Want to give it a try? Use discount code: “SHETAKESFIVE” for 15% off when you purchase on

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