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nurture 9 luxury maternity gifts

Nurtured 9 Maternity Gift Box Review

When I was pregnant with my first child, a good friend sent me a Nurtured 9 Maternity Gift Box. It arrived at the perfect time. I was in my third trimester and dealing with all sorts of uncomfortable pregnancy ailments. I was exhausted, had constant restless leg syndrome, and all sorts of body pains. The final stretch of pregnancy is so hard. It was nice to have a few self-care products to turn to when things felt uncomfortable.

What Is Nurtured 9?

Nurtured 9 is a “women-owned online shop” dedicated to supporting mamas through elevated, luxury gift boxes. You can choose from their thoughtfully curated signature gift boxes or create your own. They are also open to special requests! I love that this company is founded by mothers who understand the needs of women during this stage of life. They vet all of the products to ensure each and every one is non-toxic and safe to use through pregnancy and nursing.

Nurtured 9 Maternity Luxury Gift Box Review

Receiving this box truly brightened my day. When you’re pregnant, all the gifts you receive are typically for the baby. It was the best surprise at a time when I needed it.

I love that the products were full-size, not small sample sizes. Each product lasted for a long time.

The box was a great way to discover new useful products that I didn’t know about. I had done a decent amount of research on how to prep but there are some things like (hello, nipple butter) that you just don’t think about as a first-timer. I was impressed with the quality of the products. Every self-care product was non-toxic and/or organic.

Lastly, everything came nicely wrapped in a simple box.

Nurtured 9 Maternity Gift Box Review

What Products Are in the Nurtured 9 Gift Box?

All of the products were premium brands using high-quality ingredients. My gift box had a mixture of products to use for pregnancy and also postpartum. This included a fuzzy pair of slippers (great to stuff in your hospital bag), Kari Gran Hydrating Lavender Face Tonic, 8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion (obsessed with this stuff), Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter, and Milkmaid Tea to support nursing. Lastly, it included the book, The First 40 Days which is helpful for a first time mama.

How Much Do the Nurtured 9 Maternity Gift Boxes Cost?

There are gifts at every price point ranging from under $100 to $349. You can send a single box or a subscription service. There is also the option to send a gift card to use for a box of their choosing. Some of the boxes are pricey but the products are high-quality.

Overall, this was one of the most memorable gifts I received while pregnant. I loved how personal it was and how useful all of the products were. It was an instant mood booster. I couldn’t wait to use all of the self-care goodies. I even packed some of them in my hospital bag to make recovery a little more pleasant. Highly recommend! Hopefully, my Nurtured 9 Maternity Gift Box review has encouraged you to send a box to a mama who needs a little extra love!