my wellness routine as a working mom

My Wellness Routine as a Working Mom 

My wellness routine as a working mom consists of quick and easy healthy habits that I do throughout the day. To be honest, my focus is to feel my best, not to have the most sculpted body. This post is less about exercise regimens and more about boosting your well-being, so you can power through your craziest of days.

Once upon a time, before kids, I had endless time to do everything — like take reformer pilates classes, morning jogs, infrared sauna sessions, and occasional journaling. Thinking back, I could have accomplished so much with my free time. 

Now my mornings are consumed with taking care of my kiddos and squeezing in pockets of self-care. Honestly, I don’t feel crazy refreshed each day. Does anyone feel amazing with small children? If you do, then please share all of your secrets. Of course, I know that this stage of life when they are little and demanding is temporary.

Instead of trying to stick to the old plan, I’ve found ways to fit a wellness routine into my new schedule. Overall these habits keep me balanced through the ups and downs of work and motherhood.

My Wellness Routine as a Working Mom

Here is my daily health regimen:

1. Easy Healthy breakfast 

Every morning I start my day with an easy healthy breakfast. I cannot function without food especially now while I’m nursing

My go-to breakfasts are either Bob’s Red Mill’s quick-cooking oats mixed with frozen berries and maple syrup, or a smoothie made in the Vitamix. My smoothie recipes are simple and include frozen fruit, raw nuts, bananas, or dates, and water. That’s it. 

I’m typically feeding my 8-month-old solids while simultaneously eating breakfast. 

2. Make my Bed

I make my bed every morning (sometimes not well). Maintaining a semi-tidy environment makes me feel better and sets the tone for the day. I noticed when things are in disarray, it negatively impacts my well-being.

Plus, according to a study done by Randall Bell, you are 206.8% more likely to become a millionaire if you make your bed. There is your reason to make it in case you need one.

3. Supplements 

I’m a huge fan of using high-quality supplements to support my overall health. It’s impossible to get perfect nutrition every day with a full schedule. Plus, my kids are constantly exposing me to new viruses and bugs. I take two key supplements (both by Coseva) to support my immune system. They are Toxin Removal Spray for heavy metal detoxing and Fulvic Acid to support gut health. My kids also take TRS regularly with positive results

I love keeping my supplements to a simple, attainable regimen. I subscribe to both supplements so I don’t have to worry about getting refills. 

Lastly, I love sipping on our family’s Cabana Cultures Coconut Water Kefir throughout the day to get my probiotics in.

4. Bubble Bath 

On the days when I don’t wash my hair (which is often), I take a quick 15-minute bubble bath before work. This is a rare moment of peace I have while my kids are occupied with school or with our nanny. It’s the self-care practice that keeps me sane. 

5. Get Outdoors

Getting outdoors is key to my wellness routine. I try to get out for a few minutes rain or shine. It’s usually to take the dog for a walk but it’s an excuse for me to enjoy some fresh air too. There is something about natural vitamin D that boosts your mood. I especially like taking a break outside in between long Zoom meeting days to get the blood flowing again. 

6. Wind Down

At the end of the day, I look forward to winding down. The hours of 5 to 8 pm are pure chaos in my house. As a former runner, it feels like the last 2 miles of the race. Everyone’s tired and we are going through the motions to get to the finish line (aka bedtime).

Once 8 pm rolls around, I put my phone away for the night (sometimes earlier) and either watch a show or read a book. This is my favorite part of the day because it’s the only time I truly relax and don’t have to juggle anything.

7. Prioritize Sleep

I rarely get to sleep through the night right now so I go to bed by 9-9:30 pm to ensure I get enough sleep. Before I go to bed, I rub 8 Sheep Organics magnesium lotion on my back.  It helps me to fall asleep quickly and helps me to get a deeper sleep. It also eases any aches and pains. I never go to sleep without it. 

Secondly, I sleep in as late as possible which is somewhere between 6-7 am. There is no getting up before my kids to work out or do anything like that. I feel my best when I am well-rested and do not feel guilty for sleeping in.

Final Thoughts: My Wellness Routine as a Working Mom

Overall, my wellness routine as a working mom is realistic for my life right now. My goal is to optimize my health and well-being, not to be the fittest person in the room. I largely stick to this routine every day with maybe the exception of the bubble bath. However, I make sure to squeeze those in regularly too. For me, it’s about keeping things simple so I can follow through. Having a set routine makes it easy to stick to it.

Do you want to create a wellness regimen for yourself but don’t know where to start? Think simple and make it fit into your life. Look for opportunities to squeeze in movement, or to get outside. Find the right supplements to support your health and well-being. Last, but certainly not least, carve out time for yourself when you can. We can’t show up for our families, and for work when we are chronically depleted.