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My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup

My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup

It’s not always easy to find quality non-toxic makeup swaps for those conventional cult favorites. I remember a decade ago when I detoxed my entire life, finding clean beauty options was limited to a small selection in Whole Foods. Thankfully, lots of great brands have hit the market over the past few years and they are just as good, if not better than the paraben filled stuff I used to use. I’ve tested a lot of them and found some incredible products.

Before, I dive in, let me state that I am the furthest thing from a beauty influencer. I prefer to go au naturel most days. Then there are those times when I have back-to-back Zoom calls, or an event to attend and I want to feel like an enhanced version of myself. For those instances, I turn to these products again and again.

I prefer a simple makeup routine. First of all, I’m a working mother so I don’t have time for anything elaborate. Many of these products don’t require brushes to apply – just swipe and blend. If you’re like me and prefer a simple face-enhancing look then continue reading.

What is Non-Toxic Beauty?

Non-toxic beauty brands have much stricter guidelines than conventional brands. They avoid chemicals with safety concerns such as parabens and phthalates. Many clean brands take it a step further and avoid ingredients like gluten to accommodate the most sensitive consumers. Instead, they opt for ingredients that are natural and organic, as well as ethically sourced. Additionally, these clean beauty products are typically vegan and cruelty-free. These are brands you can feel good about buying and applying.

My Favorite Non-Toxic Makeup

My first clean beauty product was a foundation by Juice Beauty, and yes, I bought it from Whole Foods. I’ve always had sensitive skin. What I loved about switching to clean beauty products was how much better my skin felt when I wasn’t layering chemicals on my face. I’ll never forget as a teenager, I would apply products like Neutrogena sunscreen and within minutes my face felt like it was on fire. I had to wash it off.

Today there are many incredible clean options – and these are my current non-toxic makeup favorites that I turn to again and again:

Kjaer Weis “The Beautiful Tint”

This Kjaer Weis tinted moisturizer is the creme of the crop when it comes to non-toxic brands. It blends well and feels super light and luxurious. It offers a medium coverage while also giving you a glow. I used her foundation for my wedding and I had great coverage while not feeling caked on.

RMS Uncover Up

The RMS Uncover Up has been in my makeup bag for 5+ years. This product is a miracle worker. It’s great to cover up blemishes. You can also use it as a light foundation. I often have red splotches on my skin and this is my savior. You can use your finger or apply with a brush. I always throw this product in my bag when I go to an event for easy touch-ups.

Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick

Love this Westman Atelier bronzing contour stick. I keep my face out of the sun and use this to give the illusion of a natural tan. Just swipe and blend with your fingers. 

Kjaer Weis Eye Liner

I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners and this Kjaer Weis eyeliner is up there with one of my favorites. It’s creamy and goes on easily. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors. I’m currently enjoying the brown to compliment my brown eyes.

Ilia Volumizing Mascara

I’ve tried many clean mascara brands and this Ilia Volumizing Mascara is always the one I go back to. It gives a fuller look without being over the top. Many of the other brands don’t give your lashes enough of a boost. This one always does the trick while still maintaining a natural look.

Kjaer Weis Lipstick

I LOVE Kjaer Weis’s moisturizing lipstick! Currently using the shade “Believe“. I didn’t have an “everyday” color and this one is definitely what my makeup bag needed. It’s very moisturizing and the color selection is great. As you can see, I return to this brand again and again. Top-notch products!

Where to Buy Non-Toxic Makeup

My absolute favorite place to shop is Credo Beauty. It’s essentially the Sephora of clean beauty. All of their products are free of “The Dirty List“.

Also, love The Detox Market.

I prefer shopping at dedicated clean beauty retailers like Credo because I know everything they carry will be at a higher standard. Also, many of the stores with a mix of conventional and clean products often don’t know enough about the clean brands to guide you in the selection process.

If you want to give your everyday conventional makeup bag a makeover, these products and brands are a good place to start! I am super picky about the products I use regularly and these are the staples I return to again and again. I switched to clean beauty products over 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. My skin never looked better, and I feel good knowing I’m using ethical products.

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