my favorite kitchen essentials

My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

These are my favorite kitchen essentials to help make living a healthy lifestyle easier. This list includes kitchen tools that can save you meal-prep time, non-toxic cookware swaps, and other kitchen utensils to make the cooking process more enjoyable.

My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

With the right kitchen essentials, you can diversify your meals without having to spend hours prepping and cleaning. Sometimes it’s as simple as having the right knife or blender to enhance your dishes.

If you’re ready to cook more meals at home, these kitchen essentials are worth considering.

1. Vitamix 

The Vitamix is an investment but it lasts for years. I replaced my first one after 7 years of using it daily. It makes the smoothest smoothie you will ever have. Once you have a smoothie blended in the Vitamix you can never go back. You can also make soups, dressings, dips, and all sorts of recipes in there. It’s the champion of benders and it’s also easy to clean.

2. Smeg

This retro-designed electric kettle quickly boils water and automatically shuts off once the water has boiled. Say goodbye to the annoying whistling sound! I find it helpful when boiling water for French press coffee, tea, and oatmeal.

3. Crockpot

I love a crockpot recipe in the winter. Crockpot recipes are always incredibly comforting and flavorful. Simply throw your ingredients in the pot and let it slow cook for hours. The best part is the minimal prep work or cleanup.

4. Good Chopping Knife

Get yourself a good utility chopping knife for all your mincing and chopping needs. I’m a fan of the Wusthof brand. It makes cooking faster and more enjoyable. I find it especially helpful to have a good knife when chopping a lot of salad ingredients.

5. Immersion Blender 

I love the immersion blender for adding texture to soups. Simply plug it in and blend it right in the soup pot. This is a kitchen tool that doesn’t require a lot of storage space and is minimal cleanup.

6. GreenPan Non-Stick Pans

I swapped out my non-stick pans for GreenPan. Cookware, especially non-stick pans, can contain toxic chemicals that can leach into your food. GreenPan is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.  It gives me peace of mind to use a non-toxic pan when I cook.

7. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Another investment piece but the Le Creuset is my go-to pot for my soups and pot roasts. It’s heavy-duty, made with cast iron, and evenly distributes heat for amazing cooking results. You can use it on the stovetop or put them in the oven. They are meant to last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts: My Favorite Kitchen Essentials

Overall, these are my favorite kitchen essentials. I use and rely on these products each week to prepare healthy meals for my family. If you’re looking to cook more meals at home, I highly suggest equipping yourself with a few kitchen tools to make the process easier and more enjoyable. You will save time, diversify your meals, and expose yourself to less chemicals in the process. This will make sticking to a healthy lifestyle easier.