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DIY Mini Herb Garden

My DIY Mini Herb Garden (Under $25)

I made a mini-herb garden last weekend. I have big garden dreams. Not just an herb garden, but one of those super cute French greenhouses filled with vegetables. There is something very therapeutic about growing your own food and then picking it fresh to be cooked. While that all sounds magical, I don’t have the time at the moment to keep up with those big gardening dreams.

In the meantime, I’ve built a mini herb garden for about $25 to scratch the itch. It’s something that brings me great joy. Over the weekend, I made a soup. Instead of running out to the store to get random herbs that I never seem to have, I simply went into my yard and cut a few pieces of rosemary, and thyme off of my plants. It felt so good to put my herbs to use.

If you’re interested in making your own, here is where I purchased my mini-herb garden materials:

My DIY Mini Herb Garden (Under $25)


  1. I bought 3 already-grown, individual herb plants from Whole Foods because I’m there all the time. Each plant was $3-4/each. I chose rosemary, thyme, and oregano since I use those the most. They had other options as well.
  2. Purchase organic soil (They also sell this at Whole Foods but I already had a bag from Home Depot)
  3. As for planters, I went to Target to get an affordable planter. This one allows for water drainage which is great for an amateur like me who never knows how much water is the right amount. It’s also currently on sale for $5.60.


There are a few wonderful benefits to having a small home garden.

First of all, you do save a bit of money. The entire planted herbs that continue to grow cost the same amount as the individual pre-packaged ones.

Secondly, there is less food waste because I only cut what I need. No more rotting herbs sitting in my fridge.

Thirdly, I find I include more herbs in my daily meal prep because they are easily accessible. Herbs can be great for the immune system.

You can also taste the difference between fresh vs. store-bought.

Lastly, I find tending to my few plants a great way stress reliever.

Hope this inspires you to fulfill your gardening dreams!