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My 7-Hour Digital Detox

My 7-Hour Digital Detox

Two weeks ago I did a 7-hour digital detox. Lightning struck my parents house leaving us without internet and cable. Rather than eat up all my phone data, I decided to power down. I shut off my phone for 7 hours on a Saturday. No texting, email, social media or blogging. In order for this digital detox to be successful, I kept my phone out of sight to limit any temptation.

Not going to lie, it was a little weird not being plugged in. I felt anxious at times, not filling every waking minute of downtime scrolling through my phone. I had to push myself to really be present.

My detox allowed me to really enjoy the day without any distractions. I went to the park for a 2-mile walk. Lounged by the pool with a book. Grabbed light bites and drinks with family. I found myself having more time to do things I enjoy.

By the end of the day, I felt accomplished. I didn’t miss anything being cut off from the world for 7 hours. I was able to get the much-needed rest and relaxation. My next goal is to power down for a whole weekend. Baby steps.

Interested in a digital detox or don’t know where to start? Here are a few resources to get you going:

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Now stop scrolling and start living.

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