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Medical Medium Ginger Water

Medical Medium Ginger Water to Ease Colds

Have you tried Medical Medium ginger water? Every time I’m sick I turn to this drink and it gives me life. It takes the edge off, clears my congestion, and makes me feel as if my immunity is instantly boosted. 

The last few days I’ve been battling a a mild cold. Lots of congestion and feeling a bit achy. At first, I thought it was just allergies but then it started to morph into different symptoms like a virus. 

Of course, I began feeling sick at the beginning of the work week and at a time when it was challenging to take a sick day. Thankfully, I had the ingredients to make this tonic and drank multiple cups to power through. 

I love that it’s so delicious and also simple to make. 

Who Is Medical Medium

If you’ve never heard of Medical Medium, this will sound very out there. With that being said, it’s hard to ignore what this man preaches when so many people have recovered from various health issues using the information he has shared.

Medical Medium, also known as Anthony William, has no medical training or degrees. He claims he was born with a gift to connect with the “Spirit of Compassion.” This Spirit has guided him to share important healing information that is yet to be discovered by conventional medicine. At a young age, he was given the gift to diagnose people’s conditions and provide them with information to heal.

He has written several books to help the general public heal from chronic illnesses of all kinds. The information in his books are focused on incorporating a variety of plants and herbs to help the body heal. The celery juice trend originated with him.

Anthony. has built a massive following, many of those who have benefited from the information he has shared.

How to make Medical Medium’s Ginger Water

The Medical Medium Ginger Water recipe requires fresh grated ginger root, water, raw honey, and lemon juice. Ginger used to be more challenging to hunt down. Now I’m finding even conventional food stores carry it. 

Here is the link to the recipe

You can drink it hot or cold. I prefer to sip on it warm. I also find the raw honey dissolves easier that way. 

Ingredient Benefits 

This drink has 3 key ingredients each with powerful immune-boosting benefits. 

Ginger has both antimicrobial and antiviral properties. It helps fight cold and flu viruses, reduces nausea, indigestion and other great health benefits. It has a strong, spicy flavor. 

Raw honey is exactly what the name implies. It’s not pasteurized or filtered in any way. Raw honey contains antimicrobial properties which can help to boost the immune system. You can substitute pasteurized or filtered honey for flavor but processing honey diminishes its health benefits.

Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C and contains antimicrobial properties. 

All three ingredients have antioxidants to help lower inflammation and help to fight infections. 

Warm Ginger Water Instructions

To make it warm, I bring 2-3 cups of water to a boil, then turn the water off and add the freshly grated ginger to the hot water. I let that steep for 20-30 minutes. 

Then I strain, mix in a generous amount of raw honey, and squeeze half a lemon.

To preserve the healing benefits of the raw honey, I add it to the drink while it’s warm instead of hot.  

Why I Love This Medical Medium Ginger Water

I love this Medical Medium Ginger Water especially when I’m sick because I feel an immediate benefit. The spicy ginger instantly helps me to breathe better when I’m congested and takes the edge off of those achy viral symptoms. It’s incredibly easy to make with only 3 easy-to-find ingredients.

It’s comfort in a cup and I will continue to make this as needed. I find I do need to sip on it regularly when I’m unwell to keep my symptoms at bay but I much rather do this than pop cold medicines. 

I also love to pair this with homemade chicken soup for an extra layer of healing comfort. 

What are your go-to healing foods, and supplements

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