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how to remove heavy metals from the body

How to Remove Heavy Metals From the Body

Recently, I’ve been researching how to remove heavy metals from the body. My son experienced terrible eczema after a round of shots, and I had a suspicion that metals from vaccinations were playing a part in it. 

Thankfully, I asked my Instagram community for their recommendations and a reader directed me to TRS Heavy Metal Detox Spray by Coseva. I joined their Facebook group and poured over eczema testimonials. It was encouraging to see so many people having great success healing from this awful skin condition, and so much more!

I’ve included the heavy metal detox spray as part of his eczema healing protocol. This spray combined with the recommendations from Tiny Health has turned his health around in a matter of weeks. 

What are the symptoms of heavy metals in the body? 

Heavy metals can be linked to skin conditions like eczema. 

They are also linked to childhood behavioral disorders such as autism, ADHD, and aggression. Heavy metals can also contribute to speech delays.

Other symptoms can include, migraines, fertility issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and chronic illness in general. 

Metals serve as food for bad bugs and parasites. 

By removing the metals, you are supporting your overall health and immune system. 

How are we exposed to heavy metals? 

If you’re new to learning about heavy metals, you’re not alone. Most conventional doctors are not educated on this topic. We end up finding out the hard way when we get sick and can’t find solutions.

Heavy metals are everywhere. They are in the air, food, water, pesticides, mercury fillings, cookware, paint, vaccinations, and more. 

Even if you eat organic and live clean, there is still a risk of exposure. This is why it’s important to detox regularly. 

What is Coseva TRS Detox Spray?

This is where Coseva TRS Detox Spray can help. 

According to their guides, “Advanced TRS is the purest form of zeolite available on the planet. TRS removes any element that has a positive ionic charge, such as mercury, lead, nickel, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc.”

To put it simply, TRS traps heavy metals in the body such as aluminum, lead, and mercury. The supplement safely captures and removes the metals from the body within 6 hours.

How do you use Coseva TRS? 

Spray directly into your mouth morning or night, with or without food. Alternatively, you can spray into a beverage. If you mix with a drink, be sure to consume all of the liquid to ensure you receive the whole dose. 

It tastes like water so it won’t alter the flavor of anything. 

The recommended dosage is 5 sprays a day for 6 months to allow for a full detox. You can start with one spray and work your way up or go all-in with 5 sprays. From there, you can continue a lower maintenance dose to keep metals out of your body.

I tested 1 spray on myself before quickly moving to the full dose. I worked my kids up to the full 5 sprays just to be safe. 

My Experience Using Coseva TRS to remove heavy metals?

I’ve been using Coseva’s TRS detox spray with great success. I have not clinically measured the removal of metals but I’ve witnessed the chronic ailments my kids experience slowly disappear. 

My almost 8-month-old has been taking it for 2.5 months and his face is 90% clear after suffering terrible, oozing eczema that turned into a staph infection. It’s important to note that it did get a bit worse before it got better.

I’ve been giving it to my 3-year-old to see if it would help with his speech delay. He’s been taking it for 1.5 months and his limited vocabulary is expanding. It has been slow progress but overall he’s repeating more words and his speech is becoming clearer. He’s also doing better with transitions which have been challenging in the past. 

Lastly, I am taking it as well. Since taking in my sleep has improved drastically. I sleep so much deeper, and my energy levels have increased.

Final Thoughts: How to Remove Heavy Metals from the Body 

I’ve found Coseva’s TRS the easiest, and safest way to remove heavy metals from the body. I’ve done chelation in the past which can also pull minerals out of the body. TRS doesn’t do that. I’m encouraged to stick with it after witnessing my family’s health improve within weeks. I’m buying the 3-pack on auto-ship to get the preferred member rate. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group and using the search bar to find testimonials for any condition. 

Please note, that this is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review of a product I am eternally grateful for.