how to prevent zoom fatigue

How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue

Lately, I’ve been figuring out how to prevent Zoom fatigue. During the week, I work in a remote corporate job, and meetings are part of my day-to-day. Some days are more meeting-heavy than others.

When I have multiple video calls I notice how it takes a toll on my body. I often feel fatigued, my eyes are strained, and my posture suffers (need to work on this next!) It doesn’t feel good and affects my well-being and productivity.

Of course, I don’t have control over my entire work day but I am taking a few steps to proactively prevent Zoom fatigue. 

So far, I’ve found these methods and strategies to help: 

Reorganize your calendar

We don’t have control over all of our meetings but I’ve gotten in the habit of re-organizing the ones I do. This includes limiting re-occurring meetings and spreading them out throughout the week. As a leader, I try to be mindful of others’ calendars as well to ensure they don’t have days filled with endless video calls. 

Having breaks in between meetings gives people the chance to reset before the next call. 

Fresh Air

Fresh air has an amazing way of waking us up. Taking a walk outside to get the blood flowing is ideal. 

Also, have you tried grounding? Grounding (also known as earthing) is connecting directly with nature by walking barefoot in the grass or exposing your skin to the earth. The earth has a negative charge which can have positive mood-boosting effects on your body. If you have access to nature, give it a try! 

Lastly, you can get fresh air simply by working near an open window!

Skincare Rituals 

Bring the skincare routine to work! I always feel my best when my skin is fresh and hydrated.

I love to keep a bottle of lavender lotion at my desk to moisturize my hands in between calls. The lavender scent is soothing and the lotion makes me feel refreshed. 

Also, love a good face mist before or after a meeting. Look good, and feel good. 


Why not turn your meetings into an opportunity to drink yourself to good health? A cup of coffee is nice but so is kombucha or kefir which are loaded with feel-good probiotics. 

Treat yourself to a delicious beverage to enjoy during an extra-long Zoom. 

Take Yourself off Camera View

Last, but certainly not least, take yourself off of camera view when you can. Having to be “on” all the time is exhausting. If you need a break then take it. You can still listen and chime in without having to worry about looking perfectly engaged. 

Final Thoughts: How to Prevent Zoom Fatigue 

Zoom is a great tool that has allowed many people to work collaboratively from home. It can also be a great source of exhaustion.

Taking a proactive approach to reschedule meetings and carve out breaks is helpful. For those days when you don’t have control, consider starting your day with fresh air, adding in a skincare ritual or sipping on a healthy beverage to make it more enjoyable. There is always the option to simply turn off video for a 5-minute break.

I’ve found a combination of these tips to help prevent Zoom fatigue and increase my well-being and productivity at work. I also try to aim for Zoom-free Fridays which is a nice way to end the week.