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how to plan a staycation

How to Plan a Restorative Staycation

I’ve been exploring different ways to plan the ultimate restorative staycation. The pandemic has forced us to cancel and pause on vacation plans leading many to go too long without a real break. In order to maintain some balance, I’ve opted to plan staycations. I need to maintain my sanity in between the nine to five grind.

How do you recreate those rejuvenating, luxurious vacation vibes right at home? Here are a few tips to help you capture the essence of a relaxing getaway without having to travel.

Tips to Plan a Restorative Staycation

  1. Give yourself a staycation budget to splurge on food, products, Egyptian cotton sheets, or whatever it is that brings you joy.
  2. Avoid getting into your normal rhythm of chores. Do any major cleaning and to-do items before your staycation. Better yet, hire someone to do the cleaning if you can.
  3. Ditch aimlessly scrolling through your phone. Use airplane mode to unplug if you must.
  4. Start the day by streaming a yoga class or a meditation to help rebalance the way a real vacation would.
  5. Plan something new to do every day. Whether it’s going to a new park for a stroll, driving to a local town to explore, having a picnic, trying a new restaurant, (dine-in or take to go), or grabbing a coffee and dessert at a local shop every afternoon. Try getting out at least once a day to do something different.
  6. Have a good book or a stack of reading material to dig-into. 
  7. Limit TV, news, electronics aside from playing music or watching a movie.
  8. Wear your favorite comfy clothes: yoga pants, robe, slippers, etc. 
  9. Take naps and sleep-in.
  10. End the day by pouring yourself a glass of vino (or mocktail), filling up a bubble bath, and indulging in some fancy skincare products. I’m talking masks, scrubs, and heavenly lotions. Hey, you’re on staycation!
  11. Rent a movie, make popcorn, and create a movie experience right at home.
  12. Leave a piece of chocolate on your pillow for your own turndown service.
  1. As always amazing tips! I’m so grateful of your content and awesome reminders on how to take great care of ourselves in any environment. Faithful reader!