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non-toxic coffee alternatives

How to Make Your Coffee Healthier

Yes, it’s possible to make your coffee healthier. I love a morning cup of joe but don’t love how I feel when I drink most conventional brands. That jittery, crappy feeling that sometimes hits from the crappy additives. Maybe you can relate? Rather than give it up, I’ve found ways to enhance my brew to avoid the side effects.

1. Choose high quality coffee brands

I learned that coffee can contain mold and other toxins. That’s part of the reason you might feel so crappy afterward. My personal preference is Bulletproof Coffee, as they take extra precautions to ensure clean, quality coffee. These days, I usually drink their decaf but it at least satisfies the coffee craving.

Bulletproof states: 

“Other coffee beans may be contaminated with mold toxins during the manufacturing process. We go the extra mile and test our beans to ensure you’re only drinking the cleanest brew.”

2. Swap out white sugar for coconut

Instead of regular processed white sugar, I opt for coconut sugar as it is a gut-friendly option. Coconut sugar contains inulin which supports the growth of good bacteria in your gut. It also tastes delicious.

3. Mind your milks  

If dairy doesn’t agree with you, be selective in your non-dairy alternatives. Many brands contain additives and preservatives like carrageenan and added sugar. I love MALK Organics which can be found at Whole Foods. Otherwise, make your own.

Overall, it’s not that much extra work to make your coffee healthier — be mindful of the brands you use and how you sweeten it.