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how to find telecommuter roles

How to Find Remote Work Opportunities

When you’re tired of the corporate grind, and wasting precious hours commuting, it’s time to start searching for remote work opportunities. This is the most practical solution to improve your quality of life and work-life balance. This is not some magical, unattainable gig anymore. More and more companies are shifting towards flexible work arrangements. It helps cut company real estate costs by saving on space and it increases employee satisfaction and productivity. It’s a win-win for all! 

What if you could enjoy your morning instead of rushing off to catch a crowded train? Or have time to work out at a reasonable hour instead of squeezing in a 6am SoulCycle class. How about eating nourishing food from your own kitchen instead of eating takeout constantly? The best part of all is having the freedom to put your work desk in front of the sunniest window in your home (pure bliss).

Instead, you spend 40+ hours a week in a dingy corporate office where they can never seem to get the temperature right. Stuck in a cubicle with poor lighting checking on your dog from an app on your phone while you eat a crappy $17 salad.

If you’re ready to find remote work and your current company won’t support it, I’ve rounded up a few job boards and resources for you to get started. 

Job boards

First, get familiar with some of the popular job boards specific to remote opportunities. When searching for these flexible companies be sure to use a variety of search terms such as: remote, work-from-home, telecommute, flexible arrangements, work from anywhere, etc. 

Here are a few job boards to get you started:

Flex Jobs

The Muse


Check Articles and Blogs

Another way to come across these opportunities is by researching companies mentioned in articles and blogs.

15 Companies With Flexible Work-From-Home Policies

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Build a Boolean String

If you’ve never heard of a boolean search string before, it’s something recruiters use to find talent. It can also be used to find jobs and it’s much easier than you might think. The best part is that once you build it, you can have the search results sent directly to your inbox daily! To build a boolean you will use modifiers to tell Google what to search for. Those include parentheses to group any alternative words we want to include in the search. Use the word AND to include what the job must include, and OR to indicate it can include either term. If a word is two words, be sure to include quotes or it will search each word separately.

Here is an example of one I’ve used to find recruiter jobs:

(“talent acquisition” OR recruiter) AND (director OR “senior director” OR lead) AND (remote OR telecommute OR telecommuter OR work-from-home) job OR jobs

Overall, remote work and flexible arrangements are more available than ever before. Technology allows us to stay connected regardless of where we are. Take time to do research and find companies that interest you. Use your network to start conversations wherever you can. It may take a little extra work to find and land these flexible arrangements but when you do, it will be worth it.