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How to Enjoy the Work Week

Recently, I was frustrated with myself for wishing away Monday through Friday. Even if you love your job as much as Emily from the Devil Wears Prada there are certainly going to be days where you wish you didn’t have to work. I found myself contemplating how can I enjoy the work week more? How can I stop living only for the weekends? I’ve started taking a new approach where I practice taking multiple moments each day to do things that make me happy. 

How to Enjoy the Work Week

My approach is simple:

  1. Pick 3 things each day that you can look forward to
  2. Spread them out throughout the day

These can be simple things. They can also be routine so you aren’t coming up with something new to do every day. Think about little things that make you happy. 

Every morning maybe you spend some time making a delicious breakfast while you listen to a favorite Spotify playlist. During the day, have an afternoon tea and a sweet treat. I think the British were on to something with tea time. At the end of the day, when you have more time you can go to your local park, take a bubble bath, or continue binging your favorite show with your wool socks and favorite comfy clothes. 

My Daily Routine

I currently do a combination of all of these things. My mornings are filled with Spotify playlists, smoothies, and either reading or writing. In the afternoon, I make a hot beverage either Foursigmatic Reishi Cacao Mix or tea, and eat a piece of dark chocolate. If I have time in between meetings, I will read my favorite blogs for a few minutes. After work, weather permitting, I head to a local park with my dog to do a trail or I take a bubble bath and binge some TV. 

I’ve found that taking little routine breaks have helped me to find happiness during the monotonous and sometimes stressful work weeks. Monday’s no longer have to suck if you have something to look forward to.