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a fool proof delicious salad recipe

How to Create an Epic Salad

Want to create an epic, palette-pleasing salad? Greens so good that you can’t help but eat every morsel. Salads get a bad reputation for being boring because they get lumped in as “diet” food, aka devoid of any flavor. The ones you get in restaurants are wilted, dry, and lacking anything exciting.

Plus, many of them are not as healthy as they may seem. Many are made with conventional fruits and veggies sprayed with pesticides, covered in preservative-filled salad dressings, and topped with low-quality proteins. No wonder they aren’t enjoyable.

Now that more people have flexible work arrangements, making a salad at home has never been easier. It’s your opportunity to get as creative as you want. I’m a believer in the more salad toppings, the better.

Steps to Create an Epic Salad

1. Pick your greens

You can choose one main event or mix your greens together. I’m a fan of romaine and arugula. Chop romaine well to avoid pieces being too difficult to eat.

2. Add lots of colorful vegetables and fruit

Make sure you have a variety of vegetables. I like to balance the vegetables with a little sweetness from seasonal fruit. Figs, mangoes, berries, peaches, and apples are always winners.

3. Add texture

Add nuts, seeds, beans, avocado, unsweetened dried cranberries, or all of the above! My favorite is roasting chickpeas and using them as croutons or topping with pumpkin seeds.

4. Season well

Add quality sea salt and pepper. Most conventional table salts are stripped of their trace minerals when processed and then mixed with additives to prevent from caking. No thanks! Redmond’s sea salt is a staple in my kitchen.

5. Add dressing

Mix equal parts vinegar (balsamic, champagne or red wine work well) and olive oil with a whisk. I’m also a fan of a homemade honey dijon vinaigrette using champagne vinegar, olive oil, dijon mustard, and honey. Whisk together and add to your salad.

6. Top with your favorite protein

Choose high-quality protein like organic chicken, wild-caught fish, or grass-fed meat whenever possible.

Mix together and voila! Your salad is complete. Clean, easy, and nutritious. No need for Hidden Valley Ranch.