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5 Healthy Food Blogs For Easy Healthy Meals

5 Healthy Food Blogs for Easy Meals

Busy lady with zero time to think about dinner? I’ve pulled together a few healthy food blogs to explore for easy meal ideas.

I think there are big misconceptions out there around cooking. First, that cooking has to be elaborate and time-consuming. Second, that eating healthy means only eating salads. Third, eating healthy requires meal prepping the same lame food for an entire week. 

Honestly, I cook most of my weekday meals in less than 30 minutes. My main dish is rarely a salad. I always make extra dinner to have for lunch the next day so I never eat the same meal more than twice.

I love to cook but I rely heavily on blogs and recipe developers to help me come up with healthy meals quickly. There are so many healthy food bloggers out there creating delicious things so all you have to do is pick a recipe, get the ingredients and cook them. 

Once you find a few staple dishes, you can keep them in your meal rotation making it even easier to whip up something in a pinch.

Ready to get in the kitchen? Here are 5 food bloggers to follow for simple, healthy meals: 

Healthy Food Blogs

Minimalist Baker

Healthy With Nedi

Marks Daily Apple

Spinach For Breakfast

Oh She Glows