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Croatia Travel Guide

Girl’s Getaway to Croatia, the Ultimate Travel Guide

Skip the crowded spots on the Mediterranean for a girl’s getaway to Croatia — an underrated Adriatic gem. Clear blue beaches, dreamy islands, and relics of history span the entire Dalmatian Coast. It’s a great destination to accommodate your group’s varied interests, budgets, and time. This guide includes activities for everyone — from the adventurous, and outdoorsy, to the laid back and beachy.

Best Time to Visit Croatia

Summer is the best time to go to Croatia. It rarely rains, the sun is always out, and every day can be a beach day. Go during May and June to catch the beautiful weather and avoid peak season crowds in July and August. You’ll find yourself amongst a blend of European culture in all parts throughout the summer months. They’re keeping Croatia as a secret vacation spot for themselves!

Girl's Getaway to Croatia

Croatia: Road Trip or Stay Put? 


This country is on the smaller side, so road-tripping is an option to see and experience as much of the nation as possible. There are so many wonderful sites to explore so if you want to maximize your girl’s getaway to Croatia opt for renting a car. 

Renting a car is an extra cost to factor into your trip, including gas and parking fees. You’d also want to be mindful of finding accommodations with free parking as this can be hectic in main cities.

Staying in one place

Staying in one area removes the stress of coordinating and budgeting for a car rental. However, it also limits how far you can travel to and where you would be able to stay. Public transportation can be unreliable in certain areas of Croatia. If you choose to stay put, consider staying in city centers. 

Croatia City Guides

Croatia Travel Guide


If you’re opting to stay in one area, check out the city of Split for an awesome girls getaway. There’s a lot to do around the harbor, islands are reachable by ferry, and there are a plethora of excursions that include transportation.

Split is Croatia’s second-biggest city and has much to offer from the exciting nightlife and buzzing beaches to relaxed islands. You can party either in downtown Split or on the famous beautiful island of Hvar.

Croatia Travel Guide

Hvar is the ultimate girl’s trip destination — it’s exclusive and architecturally stunning. It radiates with luxury, from the yachts in the marina to the private beach clubs scattered around the island. 

Stay at Amfora Grand Beach Resort for the party atmosphere or Little Green Bay, a boutique hotel offering relaxation and exclusivity.

In Split, if you want to lay by the beach all day, you can go to the famous Bacvice Beach or the more secluded Jezinac Beach. For the adventurous, book a boat tour to visit the Blue Cave, Stiniva Cove, Vis Island’s Blue Lagoon, and the other surrounding islands of Split.

Girl's Getaway to Croatia, the Ultimate Travel Guide

Split’s city center is bustling with shops, restaurants, historical monuments and of course has the all-important harbor with gorgeous sea views. Eat at Fabrique by the harbor for modern plates blending traditional Croatian and American cuisine. 

Split is walkable even if you’re staying beyond the city center, plus there are buses widely available to get around the city as well as to other nearby towns, like Trogir. 

Trogir is a small medieval town-turned-port with a completely stone city center and quaint little gift shops. The beaches are also a lot less crowded during the summertime, so it’s worth a day trip if you have the time. 

Notable day trips from Split:

  • Krka Waterfalls National Park
  • Omis (beautiful big sand beach alert!)
  • Brac Island (Zlatni Rat – another beautiful big sand beach alert!)

Zagreb & Plitvice Lakes

There are several reasons to take your girl’s getaway to Croatia inland and away from the coast. Croatia becomes extremely budget-friendly when you work your way inland. The coast is its major draw for tourism, so prices are expected to be higher for just about everything. That goes for flights, food, and activities.

Secondly, these areas are not swarmed by tourists even in the high season. Going inland feels like exploring a hidden gem, a world’s best-kept secret because there are so many things to see and not many other people seeing them.

Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes are perhaps some of the most beautiful places in Croatia. They are perfect for the girls who desire a unique, off-the-beaten-path vacation, love history, exploring new cities, and love the outdoors.


Croatia Travel Guide

Zagreb is a small but stunning city, with a bustling town square, beautiful parks, and a historic upper town. If you’re opting for a road trip around Croatia, consider starting in Zagreb where flights into the airport will likely be cheaper than cities on the coastline.

Notable things to do in Zagreb:

  • St. Mark’s Church
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Three main parks: Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square, and Tomislavac

In addition to the historical monuments and outdoor scenery, Zagreb is home to a very special and unique museum – the Museum of Broken Relationships. It’s a great pit stop to escape the summer sun and enjoy a unique perspective from many estranged lovers through their mementos.

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia Travel Guide

Two hours outside of the city, you’ll be greeted by possibly one of the most beautiful and underrated national parks in the world — Plitvice Lakes. This protected area includes beautiful views of the brightest milky blue water, hiking trails, and waterfalls. A perfect destination for the outdoorsy, and adventurous. Be sure to dress comfortably and wear appropriate shoes. The park is so large that you are rarely bothered by crowds. Visit the national park’s website to plan your hiking trail and check prices for entrance fees for the season you’re traveling in.

Rovinj & Pula

Croatia Travel Guide

For a laidback, relaxed destination (shimmering blue beaches still included), visit the under-the-radar region of Istria. The charming historic town centers of Pula and Rovinj are Mediterranean must-dos and the smell and sound of sea will instantly put you at ease.

Enjoy carefree activities like bike riding around Rovinj. Visit the Roman Arena or bustling local shopping on Sergijeveca Street in Pula. Perfect destinations for an energy-renewing trip. 

While Istria is laidback, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in luxe experiences. If you’re in the mood for tranquil luxury, book your stay at Hotel Monte Mulini, a 5-star hotel with private pools and direct beach access.

Another huge draw to Istria – it’s Croatia’s wine-producing region. Tour a vineyard or better yet, dine at one.

Dine at Tipico Green Garden, a Tuscan style house at the end of an unassuming gravel road. This unique experience is dining in the vineyard itself – soft string lights, tables in between the rows of luscious vines, and horses walking around the grounds as you enjoy a sunset dinner – does it get dreamier than that?

Tipico Green Garden, Rovinj Croatia

Girl’s Getaway to Croatia

Overall, Croatia is a majorly underrated European vacation destination. It’s safe, budget-friendly, and not as touristy as other Mediterranean hot spots. This beautiful destination makes for an amazing girl’s getaway with something for everyone.

  1. I absolutely loved this post! it is without a doubt a girl’s vacation spot, and is going on my list of amazing places to visit. Thank you Jen 🙂