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How to Experience Travel While Social Distancing

How to Experience Travel While Social Distancing

Cabin fever anyone? These are weird times, to say the least, but it is important that we stay home to help flatten the curve. We might be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, but there are still ways we can experience travel while social distancing. There are other mediums to transport us anywhere we want to go until things return to some normalcy. 

Travel is a luxury, not a necessity but I certainly rely on my vacations to keep me sane and balanced. It’s amazing what a week off from work in new surroundings can do to restore your well-being. 

Until I can hope on a plane again, here are a few ways I’m experiencing travel while social distancings.

How to Experience Travel While Social Distancing

Travel Movies

Want a change in scenery? Look for shows and movies that take place in other countries. We just finished watching, The Valhalla Murders on Netflix taking place in Iceland.

Wanderlust Books

Wanderlust books or fictional books that take place in other countries are another way to scratch the travel bug itch. I love digging into a good book that can paint a picture of a foreign place or give me a glimpse into another culture.

Virtual Travel Experiences 

Want to go to a museum or a national park? No problem. There are now virtual travel experiences and galleries available from the comfort of your home. The interwebs never cease to amaze me.

Landscape Puzzles 

I’ve been spending my quarantine doing puzzles of landscape scenes but this has become a little more challenging lately. With Amazon deliveries being delayed, I’ve had trouble ordering new ones. Time to re-do old puzzles if you have.

Create Photo Albums 

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of travel photos sitting on your computer with plans to “one day” make an album. This is a great time to create those albums and relive some of your happy vacation memories. 

Hopefully, these remote travel experiences help scratch the travel bug itch for a little longer. Or maybe inspire you to plan your next future trip. For now, enjoy a change of scenery while we continue to social distance.