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Eczema Healing Protocol

Eczema Healing Protocol

When I started this eczema healing protocol for my son, I didn’t know what to expect. We are now 6 weeks in and I cannot believe how well he is doing. His skin is no longer oozing, or itchy. His staph infection is gone. Even his chronic congestion and gas problems cleared up. His skin is still red but significantly better and less bothersome.

I have never had much luck with pharmaceuticals to solve chronic health problems. Instead, I decided to do deep research on how to treat his eczema from the inside out. I am sharing every product and test I used to get to the root of his health issues and finally begin healing. 

Please note, that this post is for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for medical advice.

Cole’s Eczema Story

Shortly after he received a round of vaccines, he developed terrible eczema. It was all over his body but especially on his face and chest. His face was oozing, bleeding, and very itchy. He developed a staph infection on his cheeks from scratching so much. I had to cover his hands when he slept to prevent him from cutting his face open.

He also simultaneously developed digestive issues, and chronic congestion. I knew everything had to be related. He wasn’t born with these issues, they developed at 4 months old. 

It broke my heart to watch my infant suffer. I was having no luck with pediatricians so I began to research. I started with our Instagram community to get their suggestions and was overwhelmed with gratitude for all the eczema recommendations that came in. 

It dawned on me that so many are trying to navigate eczema flares. If I found something that worked, I wanted to share it.

Eczema Healing Protocol: 6-week Update

This is what my son’s face looked like before we started our eczema-healing journey.

Eczema Healing Protocol

This is what his face looks like 6 weeks into our eczema healing regimen. It’s still a little red but doesn’t itch him nearly as much. His skin is significantly less inflamed.

Eczema Healing Protocol

Tiny Health At-Home Gut Test

The first step was to get data on Cole’s microbiome. While I was researching how to heal eczema, I stumbled across an advertisement for Tiny Health‘s at-home gut test kit. Their slogan said something along the lines of, “Don’t take eczema, gas, or colic into the new year.” He had all three so I clicked to learn more.

I was super excited to do this because I wanted to understand what was happening internally. All of his ailments pointed to gut health issues. I did this test as soon as it was delivered. It does take 3-4 weeks so I started on other healing supplements while I waited for the results. Use discount code: “shetakesfive” for $20 off.

Our Eczema Healing Protocol 

There are 3 main components to our eczema healing protocol. It includes diet modifications and supplements.

1. Diet

Cole was 5-months old and exclusively breastfed. He began developing allergies around 4 months old. I wanted to remove any potential trigger foods from my diet to minimize his discomfort. I am already gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free. He seemed to have an issue with red meat. I also took out nuts, soy, and corn. It was a lot but I am planning to slowly reintroduce now that we are in a better place. 

2. Heavy Metal Detox (Toxin Removal Spray)

First up, was incorporating the Toxin Removal Spray by Coseva which safely removes heavy metals from the body. A reader directed me to this product’s Facebook group where I poured over testimonials and product information. Since this reaction happened shortly after a round of vaccines, I had a suspicion this could be part of the problem as vaccines contain metals

Heavy Metals can be found in food, water, and pharmaceuticals. They are hard to avoid. They serve as food for bad bugs and bacteria. It can make it challenging to heal from chronic health issues if your body is overloaded with heavy metals.

I read all of the eczema testimonials before pulling the trigger. Many people were healing their children with TRS and I knew I had to try it. I took it first to test it out. Then I started him off with 1 spray before slowly increasing him to 4. Some I spray directly into his mouth when I can get him to cooperate. Other times, I mix it in with his bottles. I make sure to give him a small amount of liquid so he consumes it all.

When I started TRS, his skin did get worse before it got better. Then there were days when it started to look super clear and some days that it took a step back. After 4 weeks of using TRS, his skin began to stabilize. His face was barely oozing, it wasn’t bothering him nearly as much, and it looked so much clearer. I knew we were on the right track. We are still doing this every day. 

3. Probiotics

Probiotics for Staph Infection

He developed a staph infection on his skin and had terrible reactions to antibiotics. I researched probiotic strains to beat his staph infection. I came across Bacillis Subtilis. In this study, “Bacillus Subtilis probiotic eliminated 95% of the total S aureus colonizing the human body without altering the microbiota.”  

I bought this inexpensive brand from Amazon. I cut the supplement in half, mixed half the dose with breast milk, and served it to him on a small spoon. It was a little messy but it worked. Within 3-4 days his staph infection was gone!

Tiny Health Probiotic Recommendations

Finally, the Tiny Health report came in and I was blown away by the information I was able to learn. I found out that Cole’s gut was made up of 70% unfriendly bacteria!

They recommended specific strains that his body was missing. They also provide a list of brands to choose from. Lastly, the probiotics were in priority order so we knew what to start with first. 

We completed the first one (they recommended 4 weeks) and we have moved on to another strain they recommended for eczema healing. I didn’t want to overload his body so we did them one at a time. I noticed his skin was getting clearer faster by adding in these targeted strains of probiotics.

Eczema Skin Management 

I believe eczema is an inside job but it does take time to heal. While we were waiting, I found a skin regimen to manage his discomfort. 


We followed the “soak and seal” method which includes bathing daily. His skin was oozing regularly and I found the cleaner we kept it, the better he was. I didn’t always use soap, just water and my hands to clean the skin. The washcloths were too abrasive at the beginning. Tiny Health also provided some key tips for bathing and product recommendations.

Eczema Skincare Products

While we were healing, I had to find a regimen to minimize the itching and discomfort. We opted for fragrance-free everything. Thankfully, I found a few products that seemed to do the trick. 

Active Skin Repair Spray

Hypochlorous acid is a molecule naturally produced by the body to support wound healing. This spray was a game-changer for managing the rashes. I sprayed on him after his baths and before his lotion. I used it to cleanse his face before every nap. I also used it in the middle of the night when his face would itch. It helped to keep his wounds clean and the staph infection at bay. I still use it on his eczema patches even though they are no longer oozing.

Eucerin Eczema Relief Cream

I must have tried 10 different lotions including Tubby Todd, and Aquafor healing ointment. I liked this Eucerin Eczema Relief Cream the best. It’s not the cleanest of ingredients, but it is steroid-free and kept his skin moisturized. I used this all over his body, and face.

EpiCeram Cream

EpiCeram is a prescription from our pediatrician. It’s a paraben-free, non-steroidal cream for eczema and Atopic Dermatitis. I used this on his face when it was at its worst to manage the itching. We did like it but it also requires a script and it cost $39 with insurance. We still use it as needed.

Roe Wellness Hair and Body Wash

I didn’t use soap on him at the beginning because I was bathing him so frequently. Once he started to get better, I tested out this fragrance-free Roe Wellness Hair and Body Wash. I found it to be very gentle and moisturizing. I am continuing to use this.

Final Thoughts: Eczema Healing Protocol

It’s incredibly hard to deal with chronic conditions. It’s even harder to watch your kids suffer and feel helpless. Overall, I am feeling extremely optimistic about using this eczema healing protocol. We’ve already come so far in just a few weeks. His face is no longer oozing, his staph infection is gone, and he barely scratches his skin anymore. We were able to ditch the hand coverings while he sleeps. It feels so good to be able to heal his eczema holistically. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

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