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Coterie Diaper Review: The Absolute Best 

Coterie Diaper Review: The Absolute Best 

This is my honest Coterie Diaper Review. I never thought I could fall in love with a diaper but here we are. 

It all started with me being an exhausted first-time mom. I didn’t put too much thought into what diapers to use.  I stocked up on Pamper’s Pure. They were a reputable brand name and the “pure” line seemed to use less chemicals than the other leading diapers. They were okay until the 2am leaks became constant and my sleep was unnecessarily disrupted.

Sleep is so minimal in those early stages. It was frustrating to have constant wake-ups from diaper leaks. Having to fumble around in the dark to change my son’s pajamas, sleep sack, and sheets was tiring. I dreaded the nightshift.

Once these midnight leaks happened, I had a harder time getting him back to sleep. Who wouldn’t after being stripped down and redressed. The whole process was exhausting. 

This began my quest to find a leak-proof diaper. There had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered Coterie, and I haven’t looked back. 

About Coterie

I found Coterie while on the hunt for a leak-proof diaper. They are manufactured in Canada.Their goal is to make parents’ lives easier, and claim to have the highest liquid capacity compared to any diaper on the market. This had me intrigued.

I like how they take extra precautions to avoid potentially harmful materials. These diapers are free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, and chlorine. Additionally, they hypoallergenic.

Coterie Diaper Review 

I couldn’t wait to try these out. My first shipment arrived promptly. The box was branded with Coterie so you knew it had arrived. The packaging is simple and informative. It lists the weight range for the size you ordered which I found helpful.

I’ve loved them since day one and have officially been a customer since 2021. When my second child arrived in 2023, I used these from the start. I did experience a few leaks with the Newborn size but every size after that has been amazing.

When my eldest outgrew the diapers, I switched to the pant which is a pull-up using the same materials as the diapers.

I loved many aspects of these diapers. Here are some of the reasons I’ve stuck with them over the years.


They are ultra-absorbant, truly leakproof diapers. Since using I rarely experience blowouts or leaks in the middle of the night. I generally only change my son’s diaper one time a night. On the occasions when he does give me a full night of sleep, the diaper has held up well without any leaks. The engineering of this diaper is superior to conventional brands like Pamper’s or Huggies.

Unparalleled Softness

The material is unbelievably soft. They have a cashmere-like feel to them that is unparalleled to any diaper I’ve ever tried. Once you’ve experienced Coterie, everything else feels like cardboard. It’s hard to go back to the others after you’ve experienced these comfortable diapers.


For the past decade, I’ve been very health conscious and try my best to find brands that create products without the use of harmful chemicals. Coterie avoids over 200 potentially harmful ingredients including fragrances, dyes, parabens, and chlorine. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested diapers making them a good option for babies with sensitive skin

Wetness Indicator 

They come with a wetness indicator that makes it easy to tell when the diaper needs to be changed. The color changes from yellow to gray when the diaper has been soiled. The wetness indicator is safe as it does not come in contact with the baby’s skin. 


I’ve been a subscriber for 3 years now. I love the convenience of having the diapers show up at your door. As a busy working mom, it’s one less chore to worry about.

The subscription management process is simple and created with tired parents in mind. You can easily update the ship date, sizing or add other products to your subscription by text or through your account login. The text feature allows you to reply with certain commands such as “delay” if you want to push it back a week. They are great at sending reminders and making it simple to make changes. 

Do Coterie Diapers Work? 

Yes, I’ve found the Coterie Diaper to be high-quality and to significantly lessen leaks. I’ve been using them for 9 months with my second child and we rarely have a leak or blowout. The last time I experienced an overnight leak was when he was a newborn. As a result, my sleep quality has improved. I wake up to feed not to strip down sheets.

Are Coterie Diapers Worth the Price? 

Coterie diapers cost about $90 for a month’s supply. I do think are worth the price because their superior wicking and absorbency reduce the number of diapers you need to use each month.  

Also, as a sleep-deprived working mother, I was willing to pay just about anything to get more uninterrupted rest. I’ve subscribed and haven’t looked back. 

At a minimum, I would use them for overnights.

Final Thoughts: Coterie Diaper Review

Honestly, Coterie Diapers are the absolute best. If I were to redo my baby registry, these would be top of my list. I’m impressed with the quality of the diapers and their leakproof engineering. Motherhood is hard enough. These premium diapers help to make the journey a little more restful. 

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