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An Immune Boosting Chai Latte

An Immune Boosting Chai Latte

I’ve been spending the cold winter months sipping on this super easy immune boosting chai latte. It’s my new go-to beverage. It adds a little extra comfort on a lazy Sunday, or makes for a wonderful way to enhance a Zoom call. It looks fancy but oh so simple. No Starbucks barista skills required.

The key ingredient is Laird’s Super Creamer. I love this dairy-free liquid Super Creamer because it includes organic mushroom extracts (Chaga, Lions Mane, and Cordyceps). Each has its own immune boosting benefits. And let’s be honest, we don’t always have the time to take all of our supplements or eat balanced meals. Every little bit helps.


  1. Lairds Super Creamer (You can find at Wholes Foods where the refridgerated coconut milk is)
  2. Chai tea bag (I used Yogi)

Kitchen Tool

  1. Frother (super cheap off Amazon)

If you’re nervous about the taste — I can assure you it doesn’t taste like mushrooms.


Boil water (I use a SMEG because it’s insanely fast). Pour desired amount of creamer into mug, add a bit of hot water, and then froth. I do this first to prevent the beverage from spilling everywhere. Then add chai tea bag and fill the rest of the cup up with water.

Pairs well with a Sweet Loren’s cookie. My other favorite treat but not immune boosting.