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she takes five

Welcome to She Takes Five!

I launched, She Takes Five back in 2019 with the intention of inspiring women to create a life that they can feel good about. I’m talking great health, a fulfilling yet balanced career (yes, they do exist), plus, time to enjoy life. Because what is life if all we do is hustle and burnout?

My mission is to provide content to enhance your well-being – whether it’s a feature story inspiring you to make a career change, or sharing a delicious GF pasta recipe to comfort you after a long day. I am here if need a minute to regroup, or want inspo to plan a full fledged vacation. Did someone say piña colada? 

Seriously, though – feel free to email or DM me anytime. Is there something your struggling with or a transformative story you want to share? I want to hear it. My favorite part of blogging is the community of health-conscious women I’ve had to pleasure to connect with!

Want to learn more about my story? Keep on scrolling. 

Hi again,

I’m Jen, independent Career Coach and Founder of She Takes Five. I cover topics across wellness, career, clean eating and more. In addition to writing, and coaching, I am a remote Fortune 500 Recruiting Director with experience from Paramount, CBS, and NBC.

My Story

In my late-twenties, I drastically changed how I lived my life. The “work hard, play harder” approach was no longer sustainable and left me in poor health and on an unfulfilling path. At 25, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and other related ailments while simultaneously working in an exhausting, toxic work environment. After years of pushing myself to “power-through” I was left mentally and physically depleted. I was unhappy, unwell, and unfulfilled. Thankfully with the help of integrative medicine doctors, self-education, career, and lifestyle changes I was able to regain my health and learn how to truly live! 


I’m a working mother just figuring out how to balance it all. It’s not always easy but I feel better now than I did 10 years ago. Today I found a way to feel well and support my passions all while having a full-time job. My life is busy but in the best possible way — and it really excites me to help other women to do the same. 

Thank you again for stopping by!

With love, 


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Professional Bio

Jen De Simone Swiss is the founder of lifestyle blog, She Takes Five. In addition to blogging, she is an independent career coach and Fortune 500 Recruiting Director with experience from Paramount, CBS, and NBC. After overcoming Lyme disease, and corporate burnout, she made it her mission to live her healthiest, most fulfilling life. In her free time, you can find her spending time with family, learning Italian, or experimenting in the kitchen. She made the move from NYC to the suburbs of NJ for a quieter life.