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Welcome to She Takes Five!

Hi, I’m Jen. I turned my love for wellness and creating balance into a lifestyle blog. In my mid-twenties, I spent years navigating chronic illness, and corporate burnout. Since then I’ve made big shifts to ensure my health and well-being are a priority.

Today, I’ve found a career in media recruitment that allows me greater balance. I am a working mom with two little boys. In between the chaos, I blog across wellness, career, motherhood, and more. I strive to share attainable tips, products, and resources to enhance your life.

Thank you for stopping by!

– Jen

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Professional Bio

Jen De Simone Swiss is the Founder & Editor of lifestyle blog, She Takes Five, and Co-Founder of Cabana Cultures. Additionally, she is a Fortune 500 Recruiting Director with experience from Paramount, CBS, and NBC. She lives in suburban NJ with her husband, 2 boys, and a King Charles named Winston.