a simple sunday reset routine

A Simple Sunday Reset Routine 

I love a simple Sunday reset routine. One that includes a little bit of tidying up, and a little bit of self-care. By getting organized, and taking care of yourself, you start the week off on the right foot. There is no better feeling than having your home in order and feeling refreshed. 

When it comes to Sunday chores, I go at my own pace and make them as enjoyable as possible. Listening to music, treating myself after large tasks, and ensuring I don’t exhaust myself. It’s supposed to be a day to reset, not to drain yourself. 

I’ve found there are a few key things that help to ensure a productive yet relaxing Sunday, even with kids. Here are my favorite ways to reset and gear up for the week ahead.

A simple Sunday reset routine

Tidy up 

Dedicate a portion of your Sunday to tidying up. Do your laundry (and put it away), clean out the fridge, and put fresh sheets on your bed. These are a few ways you can reset and eliminate stress for the week ahead. Crawling into fresh sheets is a great way to end the weekend.

Restock your fridge

Take the time to restock your fridge and pantry. Not going to lie, I prefer to do my food shopping on Saturday mornings to avoid having to run errands on Sundays. Plus, everyone is running to the store on Sunday so they tend to be more crowded. It doesn’t matter which day you choose but ensure you have your favorite foods handy to kick off the week.

 If food shopping feels daunting, you can go when they open to avoid crowds or order for delivery.


Break up your chores with movement of your choice. Family walks outside, stretching on a yoga mat, going on a hike in nature, or taking a class. Give yourself a chance to up those endorphins. 


Sunday is my favorite day of the week to tap into my indulgent skincare. I pick a mask or an exfoliator to freshen up my skin. While I am waiting for my skincare to work it’s magic, I usually read a book. I then layer on a serum and moisturizer to feel my best. It’s amazing how good you can feel with just a little pampering. 

Afternoon nap

I’m a mom of two little kids so I often take a Sunday afternoon nap when I can. Family nap time has become a thing in our house. Even a 20-minute power nap can help to boost your mood and reduce stress.

Pasta for dinner

Pasta counts as self-care, right? I’m a huge fan of pasta for dinner on Sunday night. Maybe it’s because I’m Italian but I do very much enjoy comfort food to wind down before the start of a new week. Gluten-free of course. It’s also an easy meal to throw together. I do it while listening to my favorite Italian music to turn this evening chore into an enjoyable ritual. If you don’t like pasta, opt for something simple but comforting.

Cozy pajamas

After dinner, put on your coziest pajamas and get ready to wind down. I’m currently obsessed with the SKIMS Boyfriend T-Shirt. They are super soft, and high quality. I wear them constantly and they’ve maintained their softness. I often pair them with Target’s pajama pants or shorts. Also, super soft but they lose their softness over time.

Put your phone away

As you begin your wind-down routine, consider putting your phone in another room. Allow yourself a few hours to disconnect. As someone who spends 40+ hours a week tied to a computer and a phone, I started doing this as a nightly ritual. The more I phone detox, the more rested I feel.


End the day on a fun note by watching a show or digging into a good book. Sunday resets are about balance. 

Early to bed

Go to bed at a decent time. If you need a little help falling asleep, I’m a huge fan of 8 Sheep Organics Sleep Body Lotion. Use discount code: JENNIFER29352 for 10% off your purchase. It’s a magnesium lotion that I use every night to encourage a deep, restful sleep. It also reduces body aches, and so much more. 

Tips for a successful Sunday reset

Don’t overdo the chores 

To have a restorative Sunday, avoid overdoing the chores. There are always more chores that need to be done. Stick to the ones that will help you ease into the week and leave the larger projects for another day.

Include your kids

Resetting on Sunday doesn’t mean you need an entire day to yourself. While that does sound nice, it’s not feasible for most. If you have a toddler, you can include them in chores. I’ve found more often than not they like to be included.

Get outside together! I love going for family walks because they are contained in the stroller and it makes for a relaxing activity for all. When you start do to these activities regularly, it becomes part of their routine too.

Establish a flexible routine

Your Sunday reset can be flexible. Making time to do half of these things are better than doing none. Prioritize what makes sense for you.

Final Takeaways: A Simple Sunday Reset Routine

Have a simple Sunday reset routine to end the weekend on a high note. I love having a relaxed but productive approach to gear up for the week ahead. There are lots of little treats mixed in throughout the day including face masks, naps, and binging a new show. You can rest easy at night knowing you will wake up on Monday to clean clothes and food in the fridge. No need for Sunday scaries over here.

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