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A Hairstylists Advice on Preventing Product Build-Up

A Hairstylists Advice on Preventing Product Build-Up

Friends, I’ve been dealing with what I thought was product build-up ever since I transitioned over to natural shampoos and conditioners. We’re talking years! I figured this is the price I would have to pay to avoid chemicals in my hair. Turns out that’s not the case.

Organic Authority explains, when you stop using shampoos with harsh chemicals, you allow your natural oils to come through. Pile product on top of that and voilà! Build-up.

Recently, my cousin (who is a hairstylist) blow dried my hair before we went out for the evening. My hair was a little wild from the outdoor pool activities and needed to be tamed. As she was drying it, she commented on the build-up in my hair and gave me some simple advice on how to avoid it.

  1. Double wash
  2. Only apply conditioner to the ends

So easy, right? The next time I washed my hair I gave it a try. I double washed the areas where my hair is more oil-prone like underneath and behind my ears. After the double wash, I applied conditioner to the ends of my hair and avoided the build-up prone spots. I made sure to rinse really well.

Well, it was a genius tip because when I blow dried my hair it came out super soft and grease free for the first time in a while. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been accepting this build-up for so long. I even switched up products occasionally to see if that would help but it didn’t. Now I have all the tricks!

If you’re experiencing product build-up from your shampoo and conditioner try a double wash with conditioner applied only to the ends. The results were there in one wash. It’s a simple solution for eliminating build-up. Piece of cake!