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8 Readers Share Their Eczema Healing Recommendations

9 Readers Share Their Eczema Healing Recommendations

Thank you to the 9 readers who shared their eczema healing recommendations with me! I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. There were a few others, but these are the ones that are available without prescriptions or specialists.

My son, Cole developed terrible eczema around 4-months old. It’s largely on his face but he also has a few patches on his body. His face constantly oozes and bleeds making it difficult to sleep. I turned to our Instagram community to see what they’ve used. Please note, this post is informational only. You should consult with a doctor before testing out new eczema regimens.

Eczema healing recommendations:

Aquafor – Nikki LaRocca

Castor Oil – Connie

Calendula –  Courtney M. 

Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm (sometimes mixed with hydrocortisone)- Brianna D. 

Roe Wellness – Brittany M. 

Theraplex Eczema Therapy – Mae M.

Tubby Todd – Alexandra S. 

TRS Toxin Removal Spray (Oral) – Stacy P.   

Waxelene – Erin M.

I’m in the process of testing a few products out to see what works best for him. We are one week into the TRS Removal Spray (thanks, Stacy!) and since starting it, I’ve noticed less oozing. The eczema success stories from the TRS Facebook group are encouraging. If you’re interested in reading, join the group and use the “search” function to filter.

I’m hopeful that we will find a combination of supplements and healing creams to help keep his eczema at bay. The supplements we are currently using include probiotics and TRS. Lastly, I am running a culture test on him from Tiny Health to see what those results suggest. Stay tuned!

Feel free to drop other recommendations in the comments below. It’s times like these, I am thankful for the power of social media. I went from feeling completely hopeless to optimistic so thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. Hopefully, this post makes it to the other mamas out there who are struggling.

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