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5 Clean Bath Products to Detox your Routine

5 Clean Bath Products to Detox Your Routine

My favorite way to unwind at the end of the workday is with a lavender bubble bath. It’s how I melt away any stress and transition into relaxation mode. The thing is, how often do we think about the toxicity of some of the bath products we soak in or slather all over our skin and body? We bathe and shower daily. That is a lot of opportunity to expose ourselves to potentially harmful and hormone-disrupting chemicals from our products. The good news is the clean skincare market has exploded with so many brands to choose from. It’s time to detox your bath routine!

When I was dealing with Lyme disease a few years back, I kicked all products containing parabens and other harmful crap to the curb. To be honest, I preferred the new clean products. They had more natural scents and didn’t dry out my skin the way my previous chemical-filled products did. I could truly relax knowing I wasn’t harming my health with my evening ritual.

Ready to upgrade your bath products for healthier ones? Today I’ve rounded up 5 clean products to detox your bath (and shower) routine so you can relax without worry.

1. Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner

I will be honest, finding a solid clean shampoo and conditioner was hard. Some of the shampoos didn’t lather at all and the majority of conditioners would build up in my hair. Giovanni products are my go-to. My hair feels clean with this shampoo and they have color-safe options. I only apply conditioner to my ends to prevent any buildup.

2. South of France Soap Bar

This South of France soap is heavenly. It comes in many scents but the almond is my favorite.

3. Alaffia Bubble Bath

This lemon lavender bubble bath is safe for babies and great for anyone with sensitive skin. I keep it stocked at all times.

4. Organic Pharmacy Carrot Cleanser

Melt away makeup with this luxurious Carrot Butter cleanser by Organic Pharmacy. It works best (and feels amazing) when you remove it with a muslin cloth.

5. Indian Healing Clay

Bentonite clay baths are the ultimate way to detox. Bentonite clay is made from volcano ash and contains numerous minerals. It is said to aid in our body’s detoxification processes by binding to toxins and drawing them out.