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restorative wellness for moms

4 Restorative Wellness Habits for Mothers

As a working mother, with little time to myself, I’ve found 4 restorative wellness habits simple enough to do every day. It’s certainly not easy to juggle everything, especially on those days when you’re running on little sleep, someone is sick, or you find yourself without childcare, BUT these little rituals are the glue keeping me together. Here are my favorite ways to support my health:

1. Functional Smoothies

I rarely have time to sit down and have a balanced meal so start each day with a functional smoothie blended in a Vitamix. My supercharged smoothies have fruit and healthy fats in the form of raw nuts, seeds, or frozen avocados. I love add-ins like hemp, flax or pumpkin seeds, cacao powder, spirulina, and mushroom powders. In order to maximize my gut health, I include a splash of kombucha or kefir for natural probiotics and a scoop of prebiotic powder to feed the good bacteria. I keep my pantry stocked with a variety of options so I never run out. Plus, most products are shelf stable or last for a few months refrigerated so there is hardly any waste. 

2. Regularly Disconnecting

Every evening at around 7:30 pm I put my phone in another room to charge as a way to force myself to disconnect.

3. Evening Bath, Stretch + Meditation

I end each day with a bath. If I have extra time, I will follow that up with a short meditation and/or a stretch on my yoga mat. This evening ritual takes me all of 20-30 minutes and helps me to quickly transition from work/mom mode to bedtime. I’m a huge fan of the Sunday Citizen meditation pillow which has been a nice way to enhance my practice.

4. Supplements

Since motherhood is an unpredictable 24/7 job, I routinely take a few supplements to keep my body functioning in between the chaos. While I know supplements alone are not going to keep my body healthy, it’s reassuring to know that I have a little extra boost for those extra draining days. One of my favorites to take at night before sleep is CALM.