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3 Tips For Saving Real Money at Whole Foods

3 Tips for Saving Real Money at Whole Foods

Whole Foods or whole paycheck? The Whole Foods struggle is real. It’s extremely expensive to eat healthy all the time. I view it as an investment. Chronic illness costs WAY more than a few hundred dollars at the grocery store every week. Trust me.

There are a few ways to save a little cash at Whole Foods that don’t require you cutting coupons from a weekly circular. And while bringing your bags saves you 20 cents, that’s not exactly mind-blowing savings. We do that for the environment, not for the wallet.

Here are a few ways to save a little money at Whole Foods:

1. Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Choose organic frozen fruits and veggies when you can. I made the switch from fresh broccoli to frozen broccoli because of the significant price difference. You are charged by the pound for fresh broccoli and most of it is stem! I don’t use the stem so that’s a waste. I opt for the big bags of organic frozen broccoli and they are just as delicious as the fresh. Also, I purchase all frozen fruit for my smoothies.

2. Get the App

If you have Amazon Prime, then you are in luck. Simply download the Whole Foods App and log in with your Amazon Prime account. There is a permanent coupon code on there that will automatically give you the sale price (for anything that’s on sale) when scanned at checkout. I ended up saving $10 this week just by presenting this digital coupon.

3. Plan Meals Around Sale Items

Plan your meals around some of the sale items. They differ depending on your location. Check out the website or the app to find out what the local deals are.

Whole Foods is never going to be cheap but with these hacks, you can save a little here and there. Over time, it adds up. Especially, if you are like me and buy all of your groceries at Whole Foods. If you have any other tips for conquering Whole Foods, please do share in the comments.