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3 Steps to Marie Kondo Your Resume

3 Steps to Marie Kondo Your Resume

I recently found myself asking if my resume sparked joy? While the content was largely up-to-date, the design felt archaic and needed a little facelift. Today I’m sharing some tips and resources on how to Marie Kondo your resume so you can feel confident with your job applications moving forward. 

What better time to revamp a resume than during a global pandemic where no one has job security except healthcare workers (thank you for all you do) and maybe those producing toilet paper.

Don’t wait until you need your resume to have one put together. If you’re not satisfied with your resume or it needs updating, now is the time to spruce it up.

How to Marie Condo Your Resume 

1. Tidy Up Content

Rule # 1 of the KonMari Method is to commit to tidying up. It’s important to not only update your content but also to remove anything unnecessary from your resume. 

  • Limit summaries at the top to 2-3 lines (Recruiters and hiring managers care more about your experience)
  • Delete anything repetitive
  • If you’re tight on space, shorten the number of bullets for employment that is less relevant
  • Keep experience to the past 10 years

Side note: Keep your resume as short as possible but do not cut out important details for recent, relevant work. Your resume should ideally be 1 page but 2 is acceptable if you are more experienced. 

2. Resume Templates That Spark Joy 

If you’re like me and tired of looking at the same old Word doc you’ve been updating for years then it’s time to find a template that sparks joy. I searched the interwebs to find templates that could showcase my skills in a clean way but could also show a bit of personality. 

Here are 3 places that hard large selections of creative templates: 

Creative Market



Most of the resume templates I’ve come across were between $2-10 dollars. You can create a free design on Canva if you have the time and patience.

3. Tweak Your Content 

Depending on the template that you chose, you may have to further tweak your content to ensure everything fits properly. Use this as an opportunity to review your content one more time and make sure there are no typos, formatting issues, etc.

There you have it! A tidied up resume using a simplified Marie Kondo Method ready to go.